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Crypto predictions for 2018


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I’ve been involved in Crypto for about 6 months now so I’ve learned a lot but have a LOT more to learn.  Here’s a couple thoughts for both you seasoned and newcomers to Crypto.  Here’s my take...

Crytpto is in a bubble which is the natural cycle for all capital markets.  Markets increase, markets correct, repeat!  This bubble is just getting started unless the regulators begin to force capital out.  The thing I think most people are in agreement about is that the market of crypto is here to stay in one form or another.  Also, governments around the world will figure out a way to ensure they keep control over their citizens and are able to track and tax them.  

I also think that most people haven’t seriously considered how big brother is watching and their gains will be taxed or they will find themselves in a world of hurt associated with tax evation.   Something all western governments frown upon.  There are tools to use to track gains against the exchanges should you want to report your transactions in a transparent way.  I suggest you find one and use it.  Every trade is a taxable event!

All that said, take the time to research how proactive the company you are investing in is playing friendly with the authorities.  I’m not saying this should be your primary motivation in evaluating an investment but should be a relevant factor.  Case and point...  dcorp.it  

DCORP has enabled a token split due to SEC regulations regarding securities.  I won’t go into the whole thing here but the core team has chosen to be proactive, not reactive.  This also happens to be my pick to outperform most tokens in 2018.

heres a list of their token supply... now look at their contemporaries and their current market capitalization.


Here’s the thing with all these opportunities: is the tech needed, check out the TOTAL available supply, the market they are driving towards, their team and their timing...  all are on point!  All the best CryptoFind peeps

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You can never be too sure of what's going to happen, while there are best guesses and accurate market speculations nothin beats guessing for yourself.

If this is something that interests you we actually offer $20k in "Experimental Crypto" where you can have your best crack at the live market without no risks and pin yourself up against other enthusiasts just for a bit of fun. If that sounds good to you then check us out :) http://swyftx.com.au/

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