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Found 3 results

  1. The Bitcoin Cash boys have managed to decimate their cryptocurrency sending the price from $628 to as low at $199 for a -68% return over 3 weeks. More notably the trading volume has dropped like a rock in the past 48 hours and spells big trouble for Bitcoin Cash if support doesn’t come in soon. It appears as though the damage has been done, Bitcoin ABC has maintained the Bitcoin Cash brand name at most exchanges and now Bitcoin SV must go on their own. Here’s a look at Bitcoin SV’s chart indepent of the combined chain above which combines abc and sv as though they were still one coin. https://portfoliobuilder.io/trade-alert-buying-ripple-and-depositing-5-more-bitcoin/
  2. Bitcoin’s crashing, stocks are crashing, buy the dip! Investors are getting slaughtered right now, not just in crypto but all over the board, almost all assets are down in 2018 but this is a natural pullback after everything went up so rapidly in 2017. Portfolio Builder is not changing it’s positions at all today, despite a Bitcoin Cash meltdown last night, cutting t’s value in half for a few hours but rebounding this morning. The market has absorbed the selling and may finally have hit a 2018 low last night. https://portfoliobuilder.io/bloodbath-buy-crypto-buy-stocks-market-is-ready-to-explode-higher/
  3. Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even when it’s your own blood! It’s the secret passed along by every great investor from the Rothschild's to Warren Buffet as the key to long-term investing success. See why one expert is buying today's dip and exactly which coins he's buying here:https://portfoliobuilder.io/trade-alert-why-is-bitcoin-falling-buy-the-dip-heres-my-portfolio/
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