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Aussie-born Crypto Gaming Project Alluvium features in Financial Review. Great article, take a look!

Why a video game built on blockchain is the ultimate crypto coup




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Introduce yourself
Welcome to the CryptoFind Australia forums!

Place your welcome messages here, introduce yourself, tell us as little or as much as you like, maybe even give your favourite Crypto a plug. 

The first 25 members to post here will gain 'Founding Member' status for life.
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New Australian Crypto Exchange: LEX Exchange
Lex Exchange will make you love trading. Trade on highly secure and cost-effective Australian crypto exchange with your favorite crypto pairs.



Two user-friendly trading interfaces

A simple ITC for straightforward trades, and an advanced trading screen with all the graphics and analytical tools for complex trades.

Large coin variety

90% more coin variety than other Australian platforms, and one of the only to offer immediate withdrawal.

Fast KYC approvals

Now it takes less time for you to verify your profile.

Generous referral program

Get a 20% bonus from any transaction that your referee made.

Trade in AUD with just 0.55% fee

Exchange cryptocurrencies with incredibly low fee of 0.22%.

Compliant in Australia

Operational reporting in alignment with AUSTRAC requirements.



Lex Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded by a team who were previously involved in crypto and  traditional trading assets.

We’d already experienced online trading and stock trading, but they didn’t satisfy our needs. Then we switched to crypto. Before making a new bitcoin exchange, we faced the common problems all crypto traders have:

    double conversions

    lack of trading pairs

    a lot of scam exchanges

    complicated trading interface

    long approval times

Eventually, we chose the crypto market as a promising place to change the game.

We took the best from the two markets and came up with a solution made for convenient and seamless trading.  After considering all the problems trading platforms have and eliminating them, we transformed unfriendly and complicated exchanges into a user-friendly and cost-effective Australian crypto exchange.

Lex Exchange is a platform made by professional traders, designed for people. The platform offers low fees, fast transactions, and a user-friendly interface, and is a 100% legal way to buy bitcoin in Australia.

Now, Lex Exchange is aiming to become Australia’s most efficient and secure crypto exchange.




Bitcoin Cash



















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This weeks question we put to our readers, is the Bear Market over?

Many analysts are calling this the bottom, but the are plenty of arguments to suggest it is not, whether your are using TA, speculation, fundamentals or a bit of them all, we want to hear your thoughts on when the Bulls will return, if at all?


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What is Crypto?
What is Crypto? - It is a popular question, and it is the one we start off our Question & Answer section with.

Q&A is your place to ask questions and get informative answers back, users will vote for the best answers and in turn, they will be bumped to the top! Be sure to help others and provide the answers to their questions, in the future we will have rewards and giveaways for our top contributors


So go ahead, What is Crypto?.
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Sydney Meetup Tonight: ETHx 2018 Crypto Landscape: ICOs, Exchanges & Regulation
We are heading down to this tonight, hope to see some of you there.
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How to buy Crypto in Australia
It is by far the most common question we receive, How do I buy Cryptocurrency in Australia?

This article will be edited and added to over time because there are a number of avenues one can take to purchase Crypto, and these are ever changing.

However, as a beginner, you can't go past Coinspot as your initial entry point into investing and trading in Cryptocurrency, it is arguably where most recent Aussie Crypto Investors started. Seasoned investors will suggest other avenues to avoid fees, however, the reality is those fees do work out quite similar and alternative processes can be quite involved not to mention daunting!

Coinspot is a Melbourne based business that has simplified the process of purchasing your first Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency, offer a range of 'Alt coins' to purchase as well as the wallets to store them. Simple charts are provided to see the overall performance of the currencies and the 'Top movers' of the hour and day are also highlighted. 

An initial verification process is required, similar to opening a bank account you are required to provide a number of points of ID, including a current photo. Please note that during peak times this verification process can take a week or two, so plan ahead. 

To start buying, you deposit Australian Dollars AUD into your Coinspot account via BPay, cash deposit at selected Newsagents or the other forms they may offer at the time. You can then navigate through the wide variety of Coins, Bitcoin, and numerous other 'Alt Coins' to make your first purchase into Cryptocurrencies. 



And that's it! You are now a holder of Crypto Currency! You can now store your coins/tokens in the Coinspot provided wallets, or look to transfer them to a local wallet, exchange or even a hardware wallet. More on all those soon!

Disclaimer: CryptoFind is an affiliate of Coinspot and receives commision on eligible referrals. Trade and invest at your own risk.
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CoinMarketCap.com Excludes Korean Exchanges and Dumps Market
CoinMarketCap.com Excludes Korean Exchanges and 'Dumps' Market
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Crypto & Taxes
Carrying on for a recent 'CryptoFindOfficial' Telegram discussion...

Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on Crypto & Taxes. 

Concerns are when to report and pay tax, based on trading or purely on pulling profits? Accountants, do they or even the ATO themselves even understand the rules? Using services like Living Room of Satoshi to avoid paying taxes and the possibility of tax havens, or lower tax alternative and countries. Speaking of which here is an interesting article on that: https://coinsutra.com/tax-free-bitcoin-countries/

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For those who are interested please visit the link below to find out more info re the TRIG Masternode




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It's the topic of the moment with the big banks freezing accounts and reversing payments, getting your fiat into crypto.

Let's hear some success and horror stories, and work out the best way to get your hard earned money into crypto trouble free & safely.

Coinbase, BTC Markets, Coinspot, Coinjar, Independent Reserve... they all have reasonably good platforms but I know I am not the only one that has had some kind of hiccup with at least a few of those at some stage.
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