Bitcoin’s Lightning Becomes Latest Protocol to Court Publishers With Micropayments

With paywall systems for a whole bevy of assets, crypto payments could revolutionize the media indusRead more

Crypto-Powered Internet Helps Work From Home During Coronavirus

Althea brings the internet to under-served places, offering households crypto to be part of a mesh sRead more

Nic Carter: ‘If You’re Not Radicalized, You’re Not Paying Attention’

Castle Island Ventures and Coin Metrics co-founder joins to discuss cascading crises, crypto dollariRead more

Remote Working Proves Unexpected Hero as Half of US Economy Shifts to Home Offices

To those who believe in a digital future in which decentralization makes systems more resilient, theRead more

IoT App Nodle Moves From Stellar Blockchain to Polkadot

IoT platform Nodle announced it is switching from the Stellar blockchain to a custom build on ParityRead more

Ex-State Street Blockchain Team Drops DLT From New Data-Privacy Startup

Data privacy startup Manetu goes live early next month with $3.5 million in backing from Castle IslaRead more

View From Manila: Life During Coronavirus

Leah Callon Butler works out where to stash her cash and tries to tell fact from fiction amid the shRead more

Bitcoin News Roundup for March 31, 2020

A popular Ethereum game is dropping crypto while France explores digital banks. It's CoinDesk's MarkRead more

Ex-Royal Mint Team Now Provides $1M Insurance Cover for All Civic Crypto Wallets

Coincover is now providing automatic insurance cover on all new signups for Civic's hot wallet.Read more

Crypto Holders Still Face Issues Reporting Tax Liabilities, Survey of CPAs Finds

Certified Public Accountants familiar with crypto largely believe their clients might face audits orRead more

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