Blockchain Bites: E-Gold Claims, Arca’s New Fund and Generation Z

Arca, a Los Angeles money manager, has launched a new fund on Ethereum, E-Gold claims the governmentRead more

What Is Yield Farming? The Rocket Fuel of DeFi, Explained

If all these terms ("DeFi," "liquidity mining," "yield farming") are so much Greek to you, fear not.Read more

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 6, 2020

With bitcoin volatility sinking, lightning payments to your bank account and real world accountabiliRead more

Visa Seeks Ethereum Developer for New ‘Distributed Application’

The world's largest payment network is looking for an Ethereum developer to help work on a new blockRead more

Compound’s ‘Yield Farmers’ Briefly Turned BAT Into DeFi’s Largest Coin

The digital advertising token briefly became bigger than ether in the decentralized finance space, tRead more

Arca Labs Launches Ethereum-Based SEC-Registered Fund

After nearly 20 months of discussions, the Los Angeles money manager finally cleared a hurdle involvRead more

Kraken-Owned Crypto Facilities Wins UK License to Offer Derivatives Trading

The subsidiary of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has obtained a U.K. license allowing it to operateRead more

First Mover: As Bitcoiners Watch Dollar, Deutsche Bank Sees Trump Win Hurting Reserve Status

Add the U.S. presidential election to the growing list of volatility drivers as the bitcoin market eRead more

Bitcoin Rises in Line With Stocks After Dip Below $9K

Bitcoin’s positive correlation with stocks continues Monday, with the cryptocurrency drawing bids alRead more

Afghanistan Approves Blockchain Project to Help Tackle Scourge of Counterfeit Meds

Fantom is launching a pilot to help combat Afghanistan's counterfeit drugs problem using its blockchRead more

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