Michael Terpin Urges FCC to Curb Crypto Fraud That Cost Him $24 Million

Terpin plans to distribute his letter to a major mobile industry conference.Read more

WATCH: UNICEF’s Crypto Fund Plans to Pay for Internet in Public Schools

UNICEF and the ethereum community are teaming up to help wire up needy schools.Read more

Former Fed Nominee Stephen Moore Backs Fractional Reserve Stablecoin

Stephen Moore, whose failed bid to join the Fed imploded within months, has a new plan to disrupt glRead more

CFTC Chair Says Ether Futures ‘Likely’ in 2020

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman Heath Tarbert says the crypto world will see etRead more

WATCH: Ecash Creator David Chaum On His New ‘Quantum-Resistant’ Cryptocurrency, Praxxis 

We spoke with Chaum at Devcon in Osaka, Japan where he shared his vision for a more secure blockchaiRead more

As Lightning’s Economy Takes Shape, Devs Are Split on Proposed Fee Hike

At the lightning network's inaugural conference in Berlin, the future economics of the bitcoin paymeRead more

Binance CEO: Russian Ruble to Be First Fiat-Crypto Trading Option

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance.com is soon to launch its first fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading pairsRead more

Bitcoin’s 3% Price Rise Neutralizes Bearish Setup

Bitcoin has bounced from key support and neutralized the immediate bearish setup, though a bullish rRead more

Libra Could Drop ‘Basket’ and Issue Individual Fiat Stablecoins

Under pressure from regulators, the Libra project may consider a fundamental change to the way its pRead more

Major Korean Banks Join Government-Backed Blockchain ID Initiative

Institutions including the Shinhan and NH Nonghyup banks have joined a blockchain identity initiativRead more

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