Substack Newsletters Are Being Used to Spread Crypto Scams

Substack is being leveraged by scammers for its ease of use and reach.Read more

We Have Entered the Age of Anonymous Crypto

Spurred by an information crisis and compounding global unrest, privacy has entered public consciousRead more

The Bitcoin Whales Won’t Stop Buying

According to a number of different data points, bitcoin whales saw last week’s volatility and priceRead more

Large Bitcoin Options Positions May Boost Price Volatility This Week

As long as these options remain open in the market, the next couple of days could be volatile for biRead more

Gaming Company The9 Agrees to Buy 26,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines

The company says a "majority" of the ASICs are already deployed.Read more

Bank of England Governor Insists Digital Payments (but Not Crypto) Are Sticking Around

BoE Governor Andrew Bailey said cryptocurrencies "as originally formulated" are not the ideal form oRead more

The Future of Money in the Multiverse

It's 2028 and central banks, Big Tech companies and the "deplatformed" are establishing their own woRead more

Blockchain Bites: ETH Pumps, Coins Leave Exchanges

With ether whales and small holders rising, some analysts are speculating about a potential ETH suppRead more

Vietnam’s Oldest Bitcoin Exchange Adds Support for Lightning Network

With VBT's integration, the Lightning Network now has support from half a dozen Bitcoin exchanges.Read more

Bitcoin News Roundup for Jan. 25, 2021

With bitcoin bouncing and ether hitting a new all-time high, CoinDesk’s Market’s Daily is back withRead more

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